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We Offer

Durable, reliable, and highly effective medical equipment to help with recovery and stability. Our solutions encompass a wide variety of therapy forms and products, available to both healthcare providers and patients.

Orthopedic Solutions

The best non-surgical treatment to provide protection and stabilization for your bones and joints. You can select products by leading providers in different categories including Braces, Cold Therapy, and Anti-inflammatory/ Compression Wear. Make your choice for a healthy life.

Rehabilitative Solutions

Premium quality solutions that help to manage pain and promote healing. Whether you are a patient or a therapist, you will be able to find all the rehabilitative solutions to enhance the healing experience, including Massage Therapy, Anti-inflammatory/ Compression Wear, Cold Therapy, and Continuous Passive Motion Therapy.

IDN Supply Chain Solutions

Customized proven DME/bracing programs that combine clinically trained consultants and the industry-leading integrated workflow software, Breg Vision. You can choose from 3 options: In-house Program, Outsourced Program, and the Hybrid approach that combines the two with customizable options.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

Accelerate recovery and relieve pain.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

Accelerate recovery and relieve pain.